Amaranthe + Beyond The Black


mardi 18 octobre 2022

Lieu : Rock School Barbey

Ouverture des portes : 18h30
Concert : 19H00

Style(s) : Rock

Tarif(s) : 29,60 € (Prévente - Hors frais de location)

Organisateur(s) : Base Productions


AMARANTHE & BEYOND THE BLACK reportent leur tournée européenne et annoncent des invités spéciaux. 

AMARANTHE et BEYOND THE BLACK ont une bonne et une mauvaise nouvelle à annoncer.

La mauvaise : ils doivent à nouveau reporter leur tournée en co-headline à l’automne 2022.

La bonne : ils sont fiers de dévoiler l’identité de leurs merveilleuses premières parties : BUTCHER BABIES et AD INFINITUM, qui viennent donc s’ajouter à l’affiche.


BEYOND THE BLACK à propos de la nouvelle :

“On the one hand, we must announce that our European Co-Headline Tour with Amaranthe cannot take place in the beginning of 2022. We have hoped for it to happen and are very frustrated with the overall situation. On the other hand, we found replacements for all concert dates and will not only postpone the tour, but thank all fans for waiting a little longer by adding not only one, but two amazing bands to the tour billing today: Welcome, Butcher Babies and Ad Infinitum!”


AMARANTHE ajoute: 

“It is with great sadness that we have to announce that our European tour once again has to be moved. Such is the reality of the ongoing COVID situation, but let's cross our fingers that this is the last time EVER we need to move a tour! It is not all doom and gloom however, since we are very happy indeed about the line-up of bands who will join us next fall! Beyond the Black, Butcher Babies and Ad Infinitum are all fantastic bands and great friends too, so we could not be more excited about that! See you ALL in fall 2022!”



“Touring Europe with Amaranthe is easily one of my top goals for Butcher Babies. Not only are they some of the most amazing people I've ever met, they also put on a hell of a show. To say this will be a highlight of my 2022, is an understatement. Can't wait to see our friends and also meet the other bands on the bill. There's a lot of power in this line-up and the European fans are in for a treat!” - Heidi Shepherd



“We are very excited join this fantastic tour and to celebrate the highly anticipated return of live music on stage together with Amaranthe, Beyond The Black, Butcher Babies and all the amazing fans who will join us all around Europe!”


Les billets restent valables pour les nouvelles dates. Si vous souhaitez un remboursement, veuillez contacter votre site ou point de vente vendeur des billets.


Cet automne, ne manquez pas ce concert co-headline de deux des groupes de Metal Mélodique les plus prometteurs : AMARANTHE et BUTCHER BABIES + AD INFINITUM unissent leurs forces pour une tournée européenne en co-headline ! Après avoir tourné en première partie de SABATON, AMARANTHE retourne déjà sur la route pour la plus importante tournée que les deux groupes aient connue. Cette tournée exceptionnelle promet une expérience visuelle nouvelle pour une prestation live des plus intense !